Steering Committee

Steering Committee


Nicolas Krink

Nicolas Krink is graduating in Synthetic Biology working on tool development for metabolic engineering in microbial consortia. He aims to accelerate the development of synthetic biology by supporting the community to collaborate and to have a united voice. Nico’s role in GASB is to coordinate the actions within the organisation as well as getting into contact with partners in industry and academic SynBio research.


Anne C. Löchner

Anne Löchner is a PhD student working on robust population control in synthetic communities. She aims to inform the public about synthetic biology, to reduce prejudices and to uncover unfounded fears. This can be achieved more easily when synthetic biologists are united and are working together. Within GASB, Anne is vice president and in charge of administrative tasks as well as for outreach.


Daniel F. Hürtgen

Daniel is a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for terrestrial microbiology and the center for synthetic microbiology (Synmikro). His work is focused on the design of a minimal cell from scratch by reconstituting fundamental life processes. He is interested in interconnecting SynBio-knowledge, -products and -strategy by providing a framework for SynBio-scientists, -industry and -consultants alike via GASB. Within this association Daniel is responsible for fundraising and book keeping as well as the management of all financial matters.


Max Mundt

Max is a PostDoc developing tools for the control of gene expression noise. He is interested in the SynBio industry and startup scene, as well as the national and international regulatory frameworks of SynBio-related technologies. Max’ role is to observe the political and ethical discussion on SynBio. He is also responsible for all GASB activities concerning the bioeconomy and science communication.


Luis Carreira

Luis is a PhD student of microbiology at the MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology. He believes synthetic biology to be a game changer for the 21st century. And it’s fun!